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Featured Keynote

How to Put “Easy & Delicious!” Into Plant-based Meals

Everyone knows that plant-based nutrition is best for the body and our environment. What stops most people from fully embracing them is not knowing how to make them taste absolutely delicious.

During this high-energy keynote, Celebrity Chef Melissa Costello will share the simple secrets to consistently make plant-based meals super tasty and nutritious. After her talk you will be on fire to become the “Celebrity Plant-Based Chef” for your family!

Melissa Costello is a Holistic nutritionist, Author, Speaker and Transformational Eating Coach. Her years of work as a private, plant-based chef for celebrity trainer, Tony Horton creator of P90x organically led her to work with her clients on a much deeper level when she recognized the struggles they had with consistent, healthy eating and sustainable weight loss.

Her mission is to empower women to stop the struggle with yo-yo dieting and their bodies. She employs her SMART Food System to help her clients overcome emotional eating and experience freedom with food, so they can lose weight, keep it off and feel amazing in their bodies without deprivation or restriction. Melissa’s in-depth training in Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Nutrition and holistic coaching along with her own personal journey with eating and her body provides the foundation for her clients to experience powerful breakthroughs and sustainable, profound transformation. To learn more about Melissa and her coaching.

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Featured Keynote

Eat What Heals You – The Power of Plant Based Nutrition

What most Central Coast residents don’t realize is that we live in a veritable pharmacopeia of unique medicinal plants that taste wonderful and have powerful, proven therapeutic qualities.

At the end of this keynote you will be empowered to explore our incredible edible local fauna and know how to easily incorporate them deliciously into your every day meals!

Jim Adams received his PhD in Pharmacology from UC San Francisco. He has been a Professor at the USC School of Pharmacy for over 30 years, where he teaches Pharmacology to Medical and Graduate Students.

He has over 260 publications. One of his books is The Balanced Diet for You and the Planet. He is also Co-author of Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West – Cultural and Scientific Basis for Their Use.

He was trained by a Chumash Indian Healer for 14 years and now practices Traditional Healing. All of his current research involves California plant medicines.

Seminar Presenter

Cannabis 101 – The Real Deal On How Cannabis Heals You

During this dynamic seminar, Medicinal Cannabis Expert Liz Rogan will share how all parts of the Cannabis plant is providing unrivaled relief for a variety of symptoms and conditions.

During this talk you will discover the most effective way to use the Cannabis plant and its many extracts to heal specific health conditions. This is a rapidly expanding field and you will receive the latest evidence-based research from which to make informed decisions.

Liz Rogan has been assisting cannabis business owners and educating the general public about the use of cannabis for the past 15 years. She is the founder of “The Cannabis Business Council of Santa Barbara County.” Her organization acts as a liaison between government, community and cannabis business owners to effectively and fairly implement new and ongoing city and county cannabis regulations .

Liz approaches the industry from a natural sciences background. With a Batchelor’s degree in Biology, Wildlife Ecology and Botany. During her studies she became intrigued with the relationship between plants and people.

Doctors and other medical professionals consult with Liz on customizing cannabis treatment programs to treat individual’s with various health problems that could benefit from the use of cannabis.

Liz prides herself on being on the cutting edge of the newest cannabis products, regulations and industry trends.

Seminar Presenter

Empowered Nutrition For Miraculous Self-Healing

Knowing the difference between a ‘healthy diet’ and an ’empowered diet’ means enabling the deepest levels of the body’s extraordinary ability to self-heal.

During this life-changing seminar, local renowned nutritionist and author, Dr. Dale Figtree will share what an empowered eating lifestyle is and how it works to fully harness the healing potential of the body – while still being delicious!

Dr. Figtree is a Nutritional Health Practitioner who healed from lymphatic cancer 40 years ago using an ‘empowered’ diet after all traditional therapies were exhausted.

She has had a private Nutritional Consulting practice in Santa Barbara for over 25 years and also taught ‘The Basics of Nutrition’ at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine.

Author of three books, Beyond Cancer Treatment – Clearing and Healing the underlying Causes, Eat Smart, Feel Great – Fun & Informative – for Kids, Teens and the Whole Family, and the cookbook Delicious, Nutritious and Simple. She also has produced a DVD – The Joy of Nutrition.

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Seminar Presenter

Herbs – Nature’s Super Supplements

This eye-opening seminar will focus on using herbs for their nutritional value in unique (and tasty!) ways, where you will discover:

  • Why plants are a superior form of nutrients over supplements
  • The nutritional content of many commonly-found herbs and wild weeds
  • Where to purchase good quality freshly-dried herbs

Super Herbalist Cheryl Fromholzer will demonstrate a quick and easy way of extracting the valuable and healing mineral content from herbs for culinary use.

EXTRA BONUS: Cheryl will provide all seminar attendees delicious herb-based recipes to easily incorporate into your daily meals.

Cheryl Fromholzer is the Founder of Gathering Thyme, a women-owned herb store, educational center and holistic clinic located in San Rafael (Marin County), California. She is passionate about connecting people to the deep healing wisdom of the plant world.

Cheryl has been immersed in the wild world of Western herbalism and natural healthcare for over 25 years. She has studied with some of the most brilliant minds in herbal medicine and is delighted to bring many of those same voices to her community through a myriad of educational programs.

The Gathering Thyme herb store, School of Western Herbalism and Holistic Practitioner Partnership were born of her desire to be of service and share her extensive herbal knowledge.

Seminar Presenter

A Cancer Survivor’s Long-Term Success Formula: Smart Eating, Exercise, & Science of FUN!

In this profound and moving seminar, D. A. Metrov will share how he saved his own life from terminal prostate cancer through nutrition, exercise and mental discipline.

His inspirational story and authenticity will leave you feeling empowered to take control of your own healing and maintaining a vibrant, healthy life through plant-based nutrition.

Bragg Live Food Products Multimedia Director and Fine Artist, D. A. Metrov, was told he had only weeks to live due to an extremely rare, highly aggressive form of prostate cancer. Because his tenure at Bragg provided him access to the latest scientific & nutritional reports from around the world, he was able to fully recover.

Unfortunately, eight years later, he began to experience the deadly long-term side-effects of chemo & radiation… with no help from the medical profession. Left to his own devices, he searched long and hard for the solution that now allows him to, once again, live a robust life. He will share his personal road map to recovery: Smart Eating, Exercise, and most importantly, Mental Discipline.

Metrov’s journey is documented in his book, CONQUER THYSELF – Everything I Need to Remember to Maintain Total Well-Being.

Seminar Presenter

Essential Oils – Awaken the Body’s Innate Healing Ability

During this seminar, Essential Oils Expert Lily Rozhko will remove the mystery surrounding Essential Oils and demonstrate how they are extremely potent, natural, effective and safe.

You will also discover:

  • The truth about plant-based oils and why they are essential to our well-being
  • The healing benefits of essential oils for physical wellness support
  • The wide range of their therapeutic uses for emotional health
  • Easy and effective ways of implementing essential oils into daily life

Lily Rozhko is a wellness advocate, essential oils educator, Heart of Yoga teacher and a native of Ukraine.

Seminar Presenter

Healing Plants of Santa Barbara’s Trails and Gardens

During this compelling and enlightening seminar, you will discover the healing plants that can be found on local Santa Barbara trails and even hiding in your own garden!

This talk combines the thrill of discovery with the powerful therapeutic potential of local and indigenous plants.

In 2016, Ojai native plant educator Lanny Kaufer celebrated 40 years of leading “Herb Walks” and nature hikes in Ojai, Santa Barbara, and the surrounding area. A retired public high school teacher with a Biology degree from the University of California, Lanny specializes in making learning about edible and medicinal plants accessible and fun for people of all ages.

Lanny acquired much of his plant knowledge in field study with well-known herbalists and ethnobotanists and has co-led workshops, field classes and expeditions with noted experts such as the late Chumash teacher Juanita Centeno, the late herbalist and author Michael Moore, author-herbalist Michael Tierra, author-herbalist Amanda McQuade Crawford, Professor James Adams of USC School of Pharmacy, and Chumash educator Julie Tumamait-Stenslie.

In 2015 Lanny began offering plant classes through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, a branch of the California State University, Channel Islands, Extended University program.

Lanny is the founder and organizer of the Ojai Herbal Symposium. For more information about him, visit

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This activity is not part of, nor endorsed by, Santa Barbara City College.